Monday, April 1, 2013

Shower Season

With the return of Spring, shower season is in full swing at Paperista and we want to make sure you are more than prepared to plan the perfect day for that special someone.

1.  Make the day special with decorations such as garland, flowers and customized gift bags.  Our go-to decor site?  Etsy, of course.

2.  Get your guests excited about the shower before they even arrive!  Designed by Paperista, Melissa’s invitation was the perfect way to set the theme for her fun, yet sophisticated bridal shower.

3. Find a fruity drink that will have each guest asking for more (and probably the recipe too!)  Our favorite bridal shower cocktail?  A Raspberry Mojito!

4  Here at Paperista we believe that it’s the details that make the big picture.  With our new line of customizable decor, we completed Melissa’s shower with these charming cocktail napkins.

5.  You can’t forget the sweets! Cake pops, macaroons, or cupcakes are the perfect finishing touch to your shower. Our favorite bake shop is Cocoa & Fig. Yum!