Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Holiday Card Parties at PAPERISTA

unique designs, endless customization options, stylish party space

Designers will help guide guests through the ordering process, creating the couture experience you deserve. Offering many options with prices comparable to on-line sites. Choose from multiple vendors including PAPERISTA’s new 2010 designs. PAPERISTA will provide music, refreshments/sweets, and a customized invitation for YOUR party so you can share details and invite friends.

BOOK YOUR PARTY TODAY and impress your friends with a fun and thoughtful kick-off party to the holidays. Call 612.886.3470 or email info@paperista.com to schedule your date.

If you are unable to host your own party, make sure to keep PAPERISTA in mind for your holiday cards! We are more than happy to show you designs in the store at a convenient time for you.