Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Paperista! Here’s a gift for you…




It’s been a fun ride since starting Paperista just a handful of years ago in my basement – oh how far things have come.  Hands down, the best part of the experience has been the friendships developed with custom design clients and customers coming into the store.  Our design team (and reputation) has never been stronger and I couldn’t be more proud of the amazing work we are producing.  Blood, tears and sweat have got us to this joyful milestone and all I can say is PHEW!! – we made it over the hump most new businesses can not.  Best part, we are excited for the future and what the next five years will bring!  The sticky note idea wall is chuck full.

As a thank you for all your support and love, we would like to give you a birthday gift (and a reason to stop by the store to say hello!). Purchase four greetings cards and get the fifth free during the month of February.

xoxo, Antoinette
(proud Mom of Paperista)