Thursday, March 13, 2014

Steampunk Inspired Wedding





We had the opportunity to work with an amazing set of wedding vendors from around the Minneapolis area to shoot this Steampunk inspired wedding last Spring.  The inspiration behind Steampunk stems from mechanical gears, industrial light, tarnished metals, and inventive eyewear all juxtaposed against a more feminine, organic and whimsical atmosphere.  Designed around this theme, our paper pieces used a variety of Victorian borders and a mix of elegant script and block type to achieve an organic, timeworn quality.  We were so happy to be a part of this gorgeous shoot and want to give a huge thank you to Erin Johnson Photography for capturing this creative collaboration.


Erin Johnson Photography – Photographer

Aria at the Jeune Lune - Venue

Tara LaTour- Bridal

Paperista- Invitations + Escort Cards + Dessert Tags

Munster Rose- Floral Design + Styling

On Solid Ground Vintage Rental- Props + Rentals + Design + Styling

Quinn & Berkley - Coordination + Design + Styling

Salty Tart-Desserts

Amber Rose- Hair & Make-Up

Bear Fox Chalk- Custom Chalk Boards

Rarebird- Jewelry

Hammer-Made- Men’s Wear

Festival Theater- Costume Rental

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

9 years of celebration



Today, I am celebrating 9 years of living since being diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the life lessons that come with surviving cancer and defining how to live life afterwards.  This year is extra special for a few reasons too.

First, I’m only a year from “graduating,” as my Oncologist calls it, and hitting the 10-year mark where reoccurrence is essentially a no risk.

Second, I  achieved a 9-year dream of becoming pregnant…and with twins!  Before starting chemotherapy I decided to ensure my options for motherhood by freezing a cycle of eggs (19 to be exact) through the Sharing Hope program by Fertile Hope. Doing so allowed such a sense of empowerment to face cancer and know that my future as a mom would remain intact. After 6 years of trying to achieve pregnancy and two IVF rounds, my husband and I are THRILLED to expect our two little boys in June.

Third, I am humbled by the choice I have made to live life fully – striving to live up to my God-given potential.  I have worked on my attitude, increasing positive thoughts and re-defining relationships and goals to be healthy and helpful for others (not just for me.)

March is always a month of reflection for me and I wanted to share with our Paperista supporters just how much this milestone means to me this year.  So much of my pleasure in living this life has come from the relationships and experiences that Paperista has provided.  I am so thankful for each one of you and hope that my quote above might inspire someone to re-think “surviving” this life with or without cancer.  It can apply to everyone.

- xoxo, Antoinette (owner of Paperista)